Here is a little bit about us

Back in the 1970’S the founding partners introduced the first Shuvarma concept to the South African Market. Late night Hillbrow action was all the rage and hungry clubbers with an appetite for fun, dance and late night vibes where among the first to experience this unique taste sensation. Now 3 generations later we are proud to say, we still enjoy seeing those same (maybe not all quite so hip) hungry smiling faces.

With the same original shuvarma recipe, and mouthwatering continental delicacies, coupled with the ability to fulfill the South African love of 100% pure grade beef products, it is little wonder the brand continues to thrive. Aaaah our friends… Now some, with their all too hip teens and tots and then those with their even “hipper” mam’s and pap’s. That is the Mi-Vami family as we know it today.

2011 is the year that sees the introduction of Mi-Vami’s hot new contemporary in-store look intended to deliver on the desire to embrace freshness, flavour, flair and friendship.